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Property Owners

Property Assessment Procedures

This section provides important information about MPAC’s assessment, inspection, appeal and disclosure of information procedures. In the coming months, additional procedures will be posted.

Concerns About Your Assessment
Property Inspections/Data Collection Procedures
Request for Information
Tax Adjustment Processes
Tax Incentive Programs
Valuation/Assessment Procedures

Concerns About Your Assessment

Assessment Review Board (ARB) Appeal Process
Court of Law Appeals
Directive to Provide Comparable Property Reports
Directive for Settlements before the Assessment Review Board
Directive on Verbal or Written Decisions from the Assessment Review Board
Effect of a Property’s Sale Price on its Assessment
Request for Reconsideration Process
Review of an Assessment Review Board Decision

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Property Inspections/Data Collection Procedures

Effective Frontage, Depth and Area Calculation for Residential Lots
Farm Sales Review
Property Codes
Residential Data Collection
Residential Sales Review
Data Collection through the Property Inspection Process for Farm Properties

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Request for Information

Access to Assessment Information
Caller Verification
Freedom of Information
Guidelines for the Release of Assessment Information (GRAD)
Information about Your Property and Other Properties
Mailing Address Change
Ownership Changes
School Support Changes

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Tax Adjustment Processes

Municipal Tax Applications
Vacancy Rebate Applications

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Tax Incentive Programs

Conservation Lands
Managed Forests
Senior and Disabled Property Tax Relief

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Valuation/Assessment Procedures

Daycare Centres
Co-operative Housing Projects
Development of Homogeneous Neighbourhoods
Farm Properties Valuation
Farmland Properties
Guide to Property Assessment on Newly Built Homes
Housekeeping Cottage Resort Properties
Life Lease Properties
Market Model Report
Mobile Home Parks
Property Classification in Ontario
Recreational Waterfront Properties
Residential Cost Approach
Residential Properties
Sales Comparison Approach
Supplementary and Omitted Assessments
Timeshare Properties

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